About Us

Sport Exchange Market is a pure invention born out from the passion for sports. We imagined the power of the question and the proudness of the answer to: ‘hey, what if you could own a share of your favourite team?’ And there it was. The truly unique idea to express your fandom.

Soon after, we developed a one-of-a-kind algorithm that moves the share value up and down purely based on the real life team’s performance on the pitch.

You may ask: ‘is this betting? Is it trading? Is it a fantasy game?’ Well, it is all and nothing of it. A combination of everything. It’s simply a new thing. Reimagined.

This is the core team

Sašo Belovski


  • PhD in Sports Marketing
  • FIFA Master in Humanities, Management and Law in Sport
  • 14+ years of business experience in Sports Management

Marek Divoký

Product Manager

Michal Mikyska

Head of Development

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