So, is this betting? Or trading? Or a fantasy game?

Well, for what regards the experience, it’s a little bit of everything. In any case, since we only ‘play-for-fun-to-earn’ and you don’t invest real money, technically, it is more of a virtual stock exchange market. And no, it doesn’t have to do anything with crypto, tokens, or NFTs.

Are these shares real?

No. They are for playing purposes only. We can call them virtual or synthetic. In any case, they don’t have anything in common with real shares, they don’t belong to the teams, and they don’t have any value outside of this platform.

Can I play with real money?

Not yet. In this first season we are starting only with, what we call, the simple ‘play-for-fun-to-earn’ model. But, we do intend to offer a ‘real money’ model in near future. Working on it.

Then, can I earn or win something?

Yes. We award the ten best traders with various cash or other prizes. Each month and at the end of the season. Basically, we try to create various incentives and they can change throughout the year. Don’t worry, we will keep you informed if you’ve won something.

How am I winning on the leaderboard? How do I calculate my Total Net Balance?

We are calculating that for you. But, in order to understand better, here is the example mentioned earlier. If you buy a share for EUR 10, and your team wins the next game, the share value will go up to, let’s say, EUR 12, which means your Net Balance will be + EUR 2.

Why do you give me at least EUR 200 for trading?

Honestly, we just tried to guestimate how many traders such as yourself we will have out there, how many shares we issue in total, and consequently, how much money each of you will need to be able to play actively.

Can I cash out?

Well, that is not real money, so the answer is no.

So, how many shares, teams, and leagues are there?

We are offering the top 5 European football (soccer) leagues for the time being. Which means there are almost 100 teams playing, average of about 4 000 shares per team, nearly 400 000 shares in total on the market.

Any other leagues? Any other sports than football (soccer)?

Not for now. Indeed, there is an interest to add other leagues and sports, but let us kick off this season first and expand gradually.

Can I play from anywhere in the world?

Sure. As we ‘play-for-fun-to-earn’, and no real money is involved, we are not regulated as a betting or trading platform. Once we do start offering the ‘real money’ model, this question will become more relevant indeed.

When does the market open / close? When can I trade?

Practically whenever you want. Even during an ongoing match. 

The share value prediction for the next match will be published, obviously, only after the ongoing match is finished.

Who do I buy from and whom do I sell shares to?

The concept idea is that you trade among yourself, the fellow traders. Now, we understand that it might happen that the market might not offer what you are looking to buy or sell at the time you are looking to complete a transaction. That’s why, if needed, we act as market makers. Basically, we trade ourselves and we guarantee to complete your offer as long as your ‘offered price’ matches the fair ‘share value’ (that is, as long as you don’t go crazy with your offered price). 

Can I revoke my offer if I change my mind?

Of course, you can always cancel or modify your offer.

Any fees involved?

As we ‘play-for-fun-to-earn’, transaction fees are not relevant at this point.

What is the difference between ‘share value’ and ‘offered price’?

Let’s say, if your team wins, the real ‘share value’ would be, for example EUR 12. Now, you may decide and try to sell the share on the market for EUR 14 which is your ‘offered price’ and is EUR 2 more expensive than the real value. Or try to get rid of it faster and offer it for dumping EUR 9. Which is completely fine, as long as there is someone else that wants to buy it.

Can I own shares of teams from different leagues?

Of course, you can combine your portfolio as you like.

Can I own shares of two teams that play against each other?

Technically you can, yes. But we don’t recommend it because your net balance will drop as you will have a losing team in your portfolio (even if the game ends in a draw).

How does that share value go up or down? What determines the movement?

Here is one example, in a simplified form. Strong Team A wins home against weak Team B. The share value of Team A goes up 10% and the share value of Team B goes down 10%. If Team B was to surprise Team A and beat them away, the Team B share value would go up 30% and the Team A share value would go down 30%. This means that at the end of the season, the team positioned 8th in the league standings might have a higher share value than the team positioned 2nd. 

Basically, there are several elements such as team standings, as well as many possible outcomes such as win/draw/loss or home/away games that the algorithm calculates, so it may get a bit complicated to understand the details. In any case, the beauty of it is that you will know the share value predictions in advance, so there will be no surprises and speculations.

Can my share value go down to zero? What happens then?

Yes, it can. It doesn’t happen often, but if your team keeps losing for many games, the share value may reach zero. In that case, you will unfortunately lose that concrete share only, and we will offer it back on the market.

What happens to my shares at the end of the season?

When the season finishes, the game finishes too. If you are among the best traders, as per the rules of the game, you will get your prize (as kind of a dividend) and then trading is closed. The next season is brand new and we all start from the beginning.

Is this available on App Store and Play Store?

We decided to build a mobile-first web app, which is basically a website that looks and behaves like an app. You can even save it as an icon on your mobile phone, just like an app. In any case, the idea is that you don’t have to download anything.

I have more questions…

Reach us out directly on or post the question on our social channels so that everyone can learn.

Do you have more questions?

Reach us out directly on or post the question on our social channels so that everyone can learn.

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